Monday, October 18, 2010


Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
today is my first time to do RCT...
i felt so nervous,afraid n shivering....
below are a few steps tht i had done today   :
i) at first, i presented my case to doctor (terketar2 ak coz dr. 2 X garang but
 tegas giler n suarenye loud speaker betul, sa2 clinic leh dgr...hehehe) 
n then do the isolation with rubber dam.
ii) i access cavity with bur until found the pulp chamber 
iii) then i estimated working length (EWL) by preoperative radiograph...minus 1=22mm
iv) check the canal patency by taking the smallest file #8
v) then, change d file to #10 n #15, irrigation with sodium hypochorite btwn file.
vi) take radiograph with file #15 to confirmation working length (CWL)
vii) CWL=21mm, coz must shorter 1 mm from apex ....
viii) Initial apical file( IAF)  is #15
ix) master apical file (MAF) must 2x frm IAF, so enlarge d canal until  file #30
x) irrigation btwn file
xi) dry d canal with paper point
xii) put non setting calcium hydroxide n cotton pellet n 
caviton as temporary restoration...
-after this,the patient must came 2x to do cleaning and shaping 
and lastly obturation....

 situation2 tht i  cannot forget today:
i) take radiograph 5x, tension giler n menyakitkn hati
...2x ak ambil n d rest enck malvin amik...
- enck malvin ckp memang sush nk amik PA r/g
-so i must learn how 2b pro on tht...never give up
ii) radiograph - radiolucency  size about _x_mm n d margin is seen clearly 
- d crack line seen not crack root
iii) dr...u ar in good mood today...i like it..

so, min after this be more prepared n read more....INSYAALAH..

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